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We are a family run business.  It’s just the two of us, Ciara and Mark.

Ciara is originally from Dublin, Ireland.  She came to Kent, England in 2002 and has been working in Sales and Customer Service in the Insurance Industry since.  Her son (Fionn) was born in 2011 and she has mostly worked full time since then.  The dream is to have a career that works around his schooling and have the flexibility to be available for him as often as she can.  They’re only young once!  She loves shopping (said no man ever!).


This year she decided to make her obsession into a career.  What could be better than shopping for a living?! 

Her original mission was to provide our customers with jewellery that they love, whether it’s your favourite movie character or simply all about mermaids and fairies.


Mark grew up on Sheppey in Kent, England. It is an island on the North Coast of Kent, England. He has lived there most of his life and took the big step of learning to drive in 2017. This meant travelling to Ramsgate at the time was a little easier when the stars aligned for him to meet Ciara.  To Mark, life is about family and finding the right work life balance. His interest in skulls added a further arm to the business with the launch of GullzSkullz.

He is the driving force behind the social media side of the business and has been able to connect with people all over the world who share the same interests. Bringing people together makes him happy.

For a long time, Ciara has had a passion for all things spiritual.  Life has taken her on a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs.  She did her Reiki 1 & 2 in 2005 and is an empath.


She said “Being an empath has been tough.  Having to learn which emotions are mine and which ones are other peoples.  However, it can be very rewarding.  Somehow, I seem to know what to say to people to help them feel better and have hope for a brighter future”.

Her connection to the strength and knowledge of the moon led to the start of the Moonchild Emporium.  Each new moon this year has brought new ideas and more clarity to which way the business should be heading.  It is for this reason that The Bling Parlour has changed into Mythical Magick.

Mythical Magick brings you affordable mythical and magickal themed jewellery, homeware, crystals, halloween products, incense supplies and valentine/birthday gifts.

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